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Johnny Wakelin

30.10.1974 Rumble - in - the Jungle

Muhammad Ali / George Foreman in Kinshasa (Zaire)
1975 Black Superman - 1976 In Zaire
The fight between Muhammad Ali & George Foreman in Kinshasa (Zaire) on 30.Oct. 1974 when Ali re-took his title inspired Johnny Wakelin to wrote the first Single
"Black Superman"
The record shot into the charts when Ali visited Britain and picked up the concept of being the Black Superman.

In July 76 the song "IN ZAIRE" from Johnny`s album "Reggae, Soul and Rock & Roll" followed and climbed up to Nr.4 in the UK, Nr. 2 in Germany and get top listings in Australia and USA.
Songs like "AFRICAN MAN", "TENNESSEE HERO" followed, giving Johnny numerous hits worldwide
1980 -2004
Johnny toured through Europe as well as Australia & the USA, appeared on countless TV- Shows around the world like TOP OF THE POPS, PAUL HOGAN SHOW, BARRY HUMPHRIES SHOW, KLIPP-KLAPP and many more.
A tour troughout Europe as "guest singer" with the James Last Orchestra and his gigs in Las Vegas in 2003 & 2004 were a fabulous experience for Johnny.
In his short breaks at home he wrote hundreds of songs and was working with famous Musicians in several Studios.
2005 -2006

The popularity of 70`s and 80´s Stars brought Johnny back to TV shows in Europe, like Cabrio Hits, Hit Gigants and so on.
The man who never stop writing songs, recording and playing live, now has a brand new album CD released entitled

"Right Before My Eyes"

15 songs from mainstream to reggae, wonderful ballads and love songs, as well as new recordings of "In Zaire" and "Black Superman", the millionsellers of the 70`s.
"Right before my eyes"

is proof that 30 years after his great successes, Johnny Wakelin still has his finger on the pulse.

Be sure, that many more will follow.


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